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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Live soon and what's the response

After uploading all the dj mixes, the new domain name will go live in no time! All the dj mixes took 3.3GB of my web space and takes long time to upload, because sometimes it failed and have to upload again. Can't wait for the new dj list on to go live! With world top dj listing as well... hehe...

Probably i will put it online tonight? ;) and i got a good idea after getting the .com, there are so much 'EVIL' in me. I gonna do something.. hahahaha..

I don't know what to write anymore, but i what i know is, i got a good feeling about my club night this Friday night! Yes, must have confidence la.. tiu.

Fuck la.. i just can't stop smoking every 20 minutes. My whole working desk are full with cigarette boxes! and my room..there's too many things made of woods, WTF. My bookshelf,  bed frame, computer table, closet all made of wood! I wanna paint my room, light blue looks nice. Gonna get my bookshelf out of my room because it's ugly shit. LOL

It's 6.17am and still uploading dj mixes to my server. 16 mixes left. leaving it overnight... and goodnight, sweet dream to.... NY

My job is to blow up the speakers!

I don't give a damn if my friends are not coming to support me this coming Friday night for my club night but there is one thing i gonna do.. I gonna BLOW all the speakers up including my headphone driver. :P if can...

But i'm here inviting all my Clubbing9ine fans and members to come and join us for the fun, where you can party and shop for latest fashion collection and accessories. Let's party along with A.W.A.D and guest DJ Tommy Cham this 2nd July 2010 for launching of METRONOME Club night which will happens on every Friday nights. :)

For those who haven't get the guestlist can now grab it at my nightlife website. Just fill in the name and email, and SUBSCRIBE! done! ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun pic of the day

haha.. this is really funny! and this the pic of the day

How It Should Have Ended

Movies with different ending story :)

PS3 on the way

Yeah, remember last time i like video game, everyday went to friend's house just to play. haha. I start to own the 2nd generation of the Sony game console, the PSOne. PSOne games are cheap like hell, bought too many games and then throw it aside.

I had no idea where the hell the PSOne console is, i think i gave it to my siblings. I can't remember!! That was long ago :)

Then working at Fotokem, Sg Wang, i was able to hook up some money to get a Phat PS2. haha, that was like, 6-7 years ago? Bought a new one for.. RM800+, at Sg. Wang. Seriously, PS2 are good at that time. With cool graphics especially for Final Fantasy X or XI i forgot! Quitted the job later on, almost every week i went to Sg. Wang to look for games, that was like RM8 per piece! Hmmm... i'm wondering what's the price nowadays.

Getting bored, and i got myself a car, yeah it's year 2006, i sold the PS2 for RM450, i still remember this, at Bandar Sunway to a guy. I sold it to get some cash to 'pimp' my car. hahaha.. but i really regret i sold the PS2 that time.. :(

Ah.. then back in 2008, i bought a ceramic white Phat PSP for RM900 including accessories and free games in DVD.. Bought it at a console shop located at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, now the shop moved to Pertama Complex. Modded the interface, softwares, firmware, mod here and there. LOL. White color PSP tend to get dirty, very bad... :( Play so many games downloaded using torrent, Final Fantasy, God of War, Naruto, Bleach, Juice and most of the games are racing game, too many to name :) PSP is the best portable console i ever OWNED so far!

Year 2009, i sold the PSP to a guy for RM600. I need cash so desperately that time lol but i bought a widescreen LCD back home. xD

I've been planning for a Sony PS3 hooking up with my widescreen LCD :) Yeah hooking up to a 22"  LCD monitor. Heard from friend and also doing some research about for connecting it using an adapter, it's HDMI to DVI converter. Coool!

Survey from the internet, the 2nd hand Phat PS3, selling at only RM800-900 at But i think all the 2nd hand console are RAPED and GANGBANGed hard. It means the owner are hardcore gamers and never take care of the condition of the console, maybe they played for hours nonstop so its not really a good idea to buy a 2nd hand console. The new slim PS3 only RM1099, the price i saw recently. So tempting...

But for the PS3 games... it's expensive for a new game title. Much better to get 2nd hand games which cost around RM60-100 above, can get it at forum. :) Buy, play and sell! haha

Yeah almost all my Playstation console i bought are PHAT! PHAT is good! Should i try the SLIM version? :) But heard about the weakness of SLIM console, tend to heat up very quickly or problem here and there.

The more i wrote about PS3 the more i'm drooling & DESPERATE! Please get me some tissue please! xD

Bluray movie, PS3 games... :)~~ drooling no more!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lucky 7 Strikes!

Lucky 7 Strikes! haha... 777 of fans on my FB fan page.. a sign of good luck? o.O"" Better luck in getting a pretty girl la please.. LOL

The upcoming also known as C9 (currently are targeting for MAXIMUM explosure worldwide and spread the local nightlife scenes throughout the world. Clubbing9ine is one of the leading clubbing and nightlife website in Kuala Lumpur to provides the only DJ Listings in Malaysia, music podcast, club listings and hottest dance music events in Malaysia's nightlife. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. The surrounding areas of Kuala Lumpur is known as Klang Valley and is the home to approximately 7.2 million populations in Malaysia.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where The Music Meets Fashion - METRONOME

METRONOME is the club night for clubbers & fashion hunger to experience the special night of music+fashion. The launching of METRONOME is on 2nd July 2010 with special appearance on the dj decks with A.W.A.D & IVAN C, also featuring the finest local DJs in Malaysia. So come over and party on this 2nd July 2010 with the DJs and shop for street wears available in the venue.

Date : 2nd July 2010 (Friday)
Venue : Elysium Club, KL
Time : 10pm-3am

This event are supported by local medias.

Metronome at Elysium Club - Where The Music Meets Fashion

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to get top ranking in Google

What's the use if you have a new website and left it aside or having nice website with full flash, nice layout but no one are visiting your website? It gonna be a WASTE! And full flash website is a NO NO because search engines can't read flash, javascript, images and videos. So that's why, i don't recommend my clients to have a full flash website. It's a killer to the SE (search engine). Having 1 or 2 flash banners is ok if you want to have some animation to hype up your website a bit.

When no one sees your website, you're wasting time & efforts. Here i would like to give some tips, as a webmaster, and i'm just keeping it short.

To get more visitors to your website, you need to optimize your website for search engines so your website would appear in the search results either with webmaster tools or manual SEO. For SEO, it takes times to find the right keywords, and also your website age need to be old enough. :)

To get a high ranking on the 1st page of, you need to do lots of SEO research and homework!

SEO is time consuming! Keywords optimisation, submission to high PR directories, outbound links and more. To keep all this easy. You can use my SEO software.

Also you need to wisely choose a domain name. TLD (top-level domain - .com, .net, .gov, .edu, .org) domain names are the best advantages. Having a Internationalized country code TLDs (,, which is country code top-level domains, has its advantages & disadvantages. The advantages is they are well perform only in the country itself but will be disadvantages on worldwide.

Example, like my Clubbing website which is a country code TLDs, is already on the top 10 in Google & Yahoo in Malaysia with the keyword 'clubbing', 'top 10 club songs', 'clubbing in kl', 'nightlife'

Sorry for my bad english, but i do hope the SEO tips above do help you.

If you need SEO services you can contact me or buy my SEO software, GUARANTEED you will get to the Top 10 rankings on Google & Yahoo at only US$109.99, email me at

It's all about Clubbing Guides

I wrote my own articles about Clubbing, club guide, hotel guide and kl nightlife guide, all can be found in my clubbing entertainment guide website. Of course these guides is for the new clubbers, tourists or travellers in Malaysia, but you can read it too if you're a DJ or older generation of clubbers. haha :P

I'm lazy to check for typo errors or any grammar mistakes. I'll check when i'm really have free time!

So, refering to the last post of my 'It makes me drooling', about the premium ads campaign that coming up on the website, the campaign will start on the mid of July 2010! So remember to logon on to my website to find out. =)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fifa World Cup 2010 Song Handicap Goal by Namewee

Latest world cup 'Handicap Goal' music video performed by Namewee! Damn i like this! Bola Boleh, Bola Boleh.. Bola Tak Boleh? Ahmoi Boleh!! xD

It makes me drooling

Today, i'm shocked when i saw something that made my eyeballs gonna drop out & drooling! LOL.. So fucking excited, i thought it was real. But it was Google error. Normally it won't show the total amount accumulated.

Damn...after a few hours i check back, it's different amount! USD$57.. fuck!

Geez... today i received an email about a big ads campaign proposal coming up for my clubbing website. I hope this ads campaign gonna get approve soon... as soon as possible!!! pleeaseee... @_@ Never had a big ads on my website ever since the Hennessy Artistry ads campaign last year & Xpax last 2 years ago. The best is the Hennessy ads, comes with background wallpaper! Miss that moment.

Do it, do it!

Just installed a Help Support system on the website! Now my visitors can send message straight to my MSN, without any hassle, it's fast and accurate! ;) with statistic of what my visitors browsing, location and IP address! This can also help to identify if any hackers around! haaaaaa!

Drunken Celebrities

It's the weekend now, i can spend some time blogging & playing Nightclub City on Facebook. Too bored and i'm trying to make my club with lots of glowing celebrities. See the pic below.

When you hit the 'BassDrop' button frequently, all the invited celebrities will get drunk and all with the green drunken emoticon on their head! LOL It's fun to see this

The music are getting boring though...and the max level is 40, unless you pay to upgrade your level. Bored!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Most Freaky Hailstorm

Check this out! this really freaking me out! It's a hailstorm at Oklahoma City. I saw this video from a DJMag online magazine. LOL

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 164

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 164 'Sage Mode Limit Reached!' is online now.

Watch Naruto Shippuuden Episode 163 here

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Top DJ Award 2010 by

This year award only one DJ will be the winner for the Top DJ Award 2010! Introducing Top DJ Award 2010, for bedroom DJs, & club DJs in Malaysia and also other countries. Still awaiting for DJs that interested to join this. Already received a few entries. :)

If you're a DJ & want to get publicity, this is a good opportunity! Read more about the Top DJ Award 2010 by

For the registration form & prizes, click Top DJ Award 2010 Open For Registration

Keep em' coming! :)

Who cares?

The words for today is... who cares & why so serious? :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Quit Quit Quit Quit Yeah! Success to quit the clubbing, quit drinking, no beers, no liquors, no vodkas, quit NIGHTLIFE! Stop DJ-ing, and quit CLUBBING9! and life will be much more better now, i guess. But one thing... i can't quit smoking! T.T

I'm not apart of this website anymore but of course still helping. :P Quitting all this & get a life! ..|.. xD

Saturday, June 5, 2010 Black Edition

Just done with website maintainance and changed the whole layout for Clubbing9. Now it's black color, user friendly and neater than before. :) Added a few stuff like the slideshow, quick links and clubs at the bottom. It took me around 5 hours to complete. -_-" Hope my visitors and friends like it very much lol!

Ahh.. there's still something that i need to do. Ciaos and good nite.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Victor Trixter 'Dutchlicious'

Uploaded the Victor Trixter's latest mixtape 'Ducthlicious' on the DJ Podcast. Listen here on Victor Trixter's Dutchlicious ;P Full support from

Rosie Romero Live in KL

Rosie Romero will be spinning live in KL tomorrow at Elysium KL, Asian Heritage Row on Friday night, 4th June 2010. She's also known as Tiesto's favourite DJ. Her weekly radio show on Cheshire 92.5FM defines Rosie’s ability to project an upfront sound to a commercial audience, showcasing her ability to entertain a multiplicity of audiences. The show is franchised across several countries across Europe. A natural born entertainer, Rosie’s sound can be described as Grooving Jackin' Techno, with elements of Progressive and Tech House infused enabling ‘The Romero Sound’ to encompass a new market, constantly gaining new fans and ensuring she is relevant to a plethora of UK’s main clubbing institutes including Air, Pacha, Pukka Up, Ministry of Sound, Honey Club, Area 51, In Bed With Space, Gatecrasher, Miss Moneypennys and Sankeys. Read more about Rosie Romero

Check out her promo video

click here for more Rosie Romero Youtube videos

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 163

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 163 'Explode! Sage Mode' is online now. Stream using the FLV player below. Enjoy!

Watch Naruto Shippuuden Episode 162 here

My first fantasy dream diary

Welcome to my first fantasy dream. It started from the sky, i was tucked in something like a camp sleeping bag floating down to water (sea?) There are 4 person, 3 guys included me and a girl in this dream. As i still can remember, after getting off the floating camp sleeping bag, we headed to a place, a border of a country that are full of sandbags!

Looks like a border of Thailand, I can remember that i'm chatting with the girl while crossing the sandbags, and running as fast as we can to avoid being shot. LOL. Then.. we reached a place like... a shopping mall? While walking, i told the girl that we all must capture lot of photos during this trip. LOL.

Then we reached a place, where i sat down and wait. (In this part, i got no idea where all the 3 persons went). I realized that i forgot to bring my camera! After this.. (some part here not so clear...)

but i still can recall the camera that i wanted to bring is from another dream before this.

Ok. Let's continue with my dream, I was sitting and looking around, I saw a Thai couple sitting opposite of me. (the image showed for 3 seconds, and then changed)

After that, we continue the journey, the 4 of us, are discussing about where to stay, it skipped to a scene, i said i don't bring enough cash. I saw a money changer machine. This machine is like a parking autopay. hahaha... one of the guy went in front of the machine, and (this part i forgot, all i know is to change money to Thai currency).

So, I wanted to find a proper way to withdraw. Then, i saw a row of weird atm machines. I saw my fren appeared. AHAHAHA. Trying on these machines, where you need to insert atm card. And with button like a drink vendor machine, with all country names on it. (i skipped alot on this scene.)

It's my part now, I saw a single atm, on the other side (blurred images of the dream). Insert my card, and noticed that the machine printed out a small piece of note. Saw some chinese words and blurred unknown language on it. Then suddenly some frens just turned up in this scene, that came to help me. I asked why, and what the note said.. It written witha message... 'Not enuff cash to withdraw!' LOL!!!! there's still something happen after this then.. the dream starts to get blur, and it ended. And I woke up.

Some parts of the dream, I just can't recall, and skipped alot. The longer i write, the faster the memory of the dream faded. But.. what a dream! :) so good i can write this out! hahaha.

Please don't mind. It just my dream diary. ;)

P/S : i was at CIMB Bank last night to bank in a cheque.. HAHAHAAH i know who is the 2 guys and the girl! The girl is the last person i viewed her profile in Facebook! WTH!

This is also known as lucid dreaming. Learn how to get this kind of lucid dream.

Head spinning

I had headache and dizziness the whole night, that is after i had my dinner. Feeling so 'sick'! Really don't know why because i had more than enough sleep. Used the 'Minyak angin cap Kapak' but it's not helping to relieve my dizziness at all. Perhaps it the damn hot weather. Felt like want to faint and can't focus my eyes on the lcd screen any longer now! Gonna pop a panadol. Good night peeps! Oh gosh.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Out of Topic

I still can't find the way to standardize the topics in my blog. All my posts are pretty out of topic! Gonna take some times ya! Gonna write more quality contents! Soon la...soon Cheers :)

My **** can't stand 'up' already!

I Can't 'Up' Already

OH MY GOD! GEEEZ Help me! I can't Up already... my **** can't stand up!!!

I just meant that my hair can't stand 'up' and don't get the style i want! It's a bad hair day for me and i'm blaming the hairstylist for that bad haircut. haha I'm healthy like a horse and can do like a tiger! So, please don't misunderstand!

Arghh i mean i'm... gonna get my haircut with stripes of a tiger on my hair the next time i get my haircut :P stay tuned! Gonna get some patterns on my hair haha.. ^^. But of course not the same like tiger la~! Just an example. :D I got stripes on my hair before this but it just not very nice. just one side of my damn head! lol

Did i successfully attracted you to come to my blog now? hahaha....zzzz

ok not funny...

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