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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mix it Just For Fun

Just a fast mix of dutch house and it's a mix for fun. I think this way of mixing are much better than doing an hour long mix. Enjoy the mix! ;) Dutch House Mix 2010 by djivanc

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blackouts Moment in My Club Life

Honestly, i'm not a good drinker, I started going to clubs at the age of... 19? 20? the first club i went was... Emporium? that was long ago or the club in Genting, i forgot its name. I preferred beers more than liquors. Whenever i takes half bottle of the beer... I'll go 'TERMINATOR' mode or 'ZOMBIE' mode better to describe me? LOL

Eyes turned red, cheeks gets warmer too. Then i'll start feeling uncomfortable on the stomach, and felt like going to washroom. For? Shitting or in chinese we said it as 'pangsai'!

That is just a small matter la, the biggest problem is.. i'll get total BLACKOUT! and i realized that everytime i'm in a club that without good lighting, dark environment clubs, 70% chances for me to get this blackout, 30% of OK-ness.

Headache and feeling like vomiting. Vision turned black, all you can think of is the music playing on the background and seeing dancing stars. seriously, i sees stars, black and white stars.. lol!

This blackout killed me big time. So now, how do i encounter this blackout in an already dark club.

First, i'll try to breath hard! Controlling my breathing helps a little bit of not puking on the floor... on the spot.

Second, have some ice cubes! Put one in the mouth, and crush the ice, slowly melt it in my mouth. Ooo yeah, cooling sensation! LOL!

Third, you can see nothing! All you gave to do is have your friend accompany you to the washroom, and puke like HELL! HAHAHAHA

If you can find your way to go alone, i'm sure you'll walk slow as a zombie and want to hold on something like walls, bars, chairs, the best solution  is... put your hand on other clubber's arm or slightly put your hands on the back shoulder (guys only... ok?), it's a way to say 'HI' and 'GIVE WAY FOR ME TO WALK'. Just because clubs are so crowded and they're busy dancing, they doesn't really cares about you! But i can't guarantee your safety anymore if you do that in clubs nowadays. So now, reached the washroom..? All you can do is... you pee as much as you can, empty every drops of it!!! and you'll get the feeling of vomiting too, then just go ahead!

The blackout will fade away immediately and your visions will returned back to normal in a few seconds. Teehee.. but with hangover after that.

This is some of my experiences of blackouts during my clubbing life! hahaha. Use my tips! If it works for you when you had a blackout, come back to my blog to comment or treat me some beers, ok? LOL

I'm getting old and don't have the will to club anymore. This guide are suitable for young peoples out there! LOL

Don't take my tips so seriously, it works for me but might not for you, you can give it a try!

I still remembered the worst blackout i had was at Thai Club, i almost fainted! I had to rest on other people's table and they don't really care about it! :D

For those heavily drunken masters, this tips won't and can't help you at all. You'll be a dead fish later on. xD

So what is all about this blackout? You can read about Blackout Drinking

The weird thing is during blackout, it will caused you to memory lost as mentioned on the link above, but i can remember it and i just blackout for a few minutes. Am i considered my situation as blackout? I'm confused now.... but i do sees black and white STARS!

So, after reading the article, my REAL blackout happened at Emporium. Puke like hell and blackout in my friend's car and not knowing what i'm mumbling but i do know that i whispered lots of things during my journey home. -_- LOL i'm blabbering now.. and keep editing this post because i'm confused about this short blackout i had. BLAH BLAH BLAH...


Friday, August 20, 2010

Left and Right Sidebar

I'm still make up my mind for the correct position for left sidebar and right sidebar.

Which one looks better..? Left Sidebar

or... right sidebar

I think the large right sidebar looks nicer... what do you think? you can check it out Malaysia Clubbing to find out

Nightclub City Facebook Guide

Nightclub City on Facebook are getting improved from time to time with new features and items in the popular nightlife facebook game. New features include full screen viewing, more DJ sets and music from beatport, house, disco, electro, hip hop and pop. Everytime you login to Nightclub City, you'll get a screen of Nightclub City Updates and now including free gifts whenever you login.

Click here to read more about Nightclub City on Facebook Guide

Thursday, August 19, 2010

LMF The Wild Lazy Tour 2010, KL LIVE, Malaysia

Hong Kong seminal hip-hop group LMF Lazy Mutha Fucka will be set to storm Kuala Lumpur. LMF will be presenting their WILD LAZY TOUR concert to their fans and audiences in Malaysia. Proudly announced by the organisers, LMF THE WILD LAZY TOUR KL 2010 will be one night only concert in Kuala Lumpur, taking place at KL LIVE @LIVE CENTRE, Jalan Sultan Ismail.

The group are bringing their distinctive blend of hip-hop, hardcore rap, metal and funk to the KL Live concert hall on 4th September 2010. LMF will be performing while delivering a full concert experience, featuring new tracks for KL show only as well as exclusive performances.

The line-up for the night is MC Yan, Phat, Kit, Prodip, Davy, Wah, Kevin, Jimmy and DJ Tommy. LMF has extremely lots of fans and popular among the Malaysian audience.

Joining up the band on stage are local hip-hop groups Manhand and Silent Prayer, both groups have gained accolades for their unique blend of rap, hip hop and electronic. The Wild Lazy Tour KL 2010 us organized by Soundscape Records, in partnership with Mouse Records and Extreme.

Make your day free on the 4th September 2010 and get ready for an awesome night with LMF as they're going to rock you hard!

Event Details:
Date: 4th Sept 2010, Saturday
Time: 8pm
Venue: KL Live (Life Centre)
Guest Performers: Manhand & Silent Prayer

Ticket at normal price RM100 / RM140 for a free LMF The Wild Lazy Tour KL 2010 Limited Edition T-shirt.

VIP Zone (Upper Level): RM170 for free 1st drink + LMF The Wild Lazy Tour KL 2010 Limited Edition T-shirt and stand a chance to win meet and greet passes.

Check out the photos of LMF The Wild Lazy Tour 2010 at KL

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