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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blogspot Ended here

So be it, my blogspot will end here and i'll keep you updated with more articles on on my new blog, click here to view more!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Usual Roadblocks in Kepong

The red dots indicates the roadblocks in Kepong Baru. It is the usual hotspot for the roadblocks. So.. drive safe. Click the map to view larger Google Map. You can get more roadblock updates on

Resident Evil Afterlife 3D is awesome

Finally i got to watch Resident Evil : Afterlife 3D in the cinema at Cathay Cineleisure PJ. Seriously Alice (Milla Jovovich) looks so cool than the previous RE trilogy. This movie is packed with more action, more visual effects especially the 3D, it was AWESOME! With a rating i gave , 4.5/5! Guess what? It successfully thrilled and scared me in some parts of the movie!

Beware of spoiler ahead..........!!!

And I think i fall in love with ALICE from the starting of the movie. lol!

The story started showing a japanese girl standing in the rain and suddenly it turns into a zombie and start biting the peoples and the virus spread throughout Japan... and the world.

Alice's clones appeared at the UMBRELLA underground facilities, and lots of shooting in the scene with the soldiers! And Wesker try to escape the place with a plane after the Alice killed all, Wesker blowed up the whole facilities. Inside the plane, the REAL Alice came from behind and talks with Wesker. Alice was about to hit him but failed as Wesker injected her with anti-virus that neutralized her power. OMG.  She lost all her power and now she got to use her fighting and shooting skills. Still cool! ;)

Four months later, Alice pilot a plane heading to the place of so called 'Arcadia' but found out that the island to be 'no one' there. But.. while recording her video, someone is running at the background, which is Claire Redfield, that reached the island with helicopter (from the ending of from Extinction). So from here Alice met up with Claire.

Riding the plane back to LA, California? if not mistaken. They found some civilians at the top of a building and trying to land on top of it. The story continues... i suggest you watch the movie.

New monster that appeared in the bathroom, the Executioner, which i never seen before, looks so familiar with the one in Silent Hill, which is known as Pyramid Head, which dragged their weapon on the floor, anyway, Executioner looks bigger and stronger with it BIG weapon. Silent Hill monsters looks more nasty though! The Executioner actually from the latest console game, Resident Evil 5. This monster really nasty too! With hammer+axe that can split up a person into half! AWWW! and new clever zombies with tongue splitting and can go digging right into the bathroom! haha

Yeah i love the weapons in RE Afterlife especially the samurai sword in the beginning of the movie and also the shotgun that shoot out coins instead of bullets, which Alice kept it as her 'collection' :) that's NICE!

Alice and the others is looking for Arcadia (mentioned in the last movie Extinction) and actually it is a ship that they though of a safe place with humans but it ended up... to be a set up by UMBRELLA corporation, collecting humans for experiments by Albert Wesker the villian in the movie.

Just can't wait for the bluray of this Resident Evil Afterlife in HD ;)

Alice's hair looks neat in this latest RE, compared with the previous Resident Evil, Resident Evil Apocalypse, Resident Evil Extinction, if you noticed it.

This movie also show the reunion of the new character Albert Wesker (boss), Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield from previous RE Extinction.

Ok that's it! ;) Planning to watching for second time in the cinema as it's really worth it for just RM15 for 3D effects, action-packed and storyline. Anyway thumbs up. :)

Here's the Resident Evil Afterlife trailer

Milla Jovovich - Resident Evil: Afterlife Interview

Here the Resident Evil 5 Game Trailer

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

T-Rac the Raccoon eats cheerleader

Hahaha! click here to see T-Rac the Raccoon eats NFL cheerleader. It's funny. See more NFL cheerleaders pictar! Oops...sorry it's NFL cheerleader photos! :) 

Eye Floaters is still around

The floaters inside my eyes is still there annoying me whenever i sees anything in bright color, walls, pc screen, etc and i think it will be inside my eye balls floating for my whole life! Reading some article about eye floaters, it's nothing to worry about. Only worries when you see flashes (photopsia) and maybe a symptoms of retina tear or detachment. Retina tear or detachment is a very serious problem. You'll go blind if not seeking for eye specialist or surgery immediately. Eyes is a very important organ and must take care especially for those contact lens users.

Examples of eye floaters
These tiny spots floaters caused by vitreous (something like gel in the eyes) dissolved as we age and it will float to the center of the vitreous. So that why i can see this floaters... sigh.. annoying. But i've already get used to it.

Photophobia? yes! i got this excessive light which is very bright entered the eyes, and felt so uncomfortable! This happens when i got the eye infection last year.

Eye Flashes? Not really, i think i got just 2-3 times, like lightning but after i got treatment and medication, it never happen anymore. :)


It's very hard to drive in the daylight because all you see is this floaters and it distract me! At night? Bright car headlamps from opposite making me can't see properly. Better to have friends driving me out. hahaha!

My eyes tend to get tired very often. So if you see that if i got panda eyes, that's why laa! Tired eyes! and also sleeping late.. :P

And...if you got large amount of eye floaters, flashes of light, and blurred visions, hurry and look for an eye specialist immediately! Don't wait any longer.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Boss Bottled Night at Zouk KL

Head to Zouk for Boss Bottled Night this month, Boss Fragrance is giving away exclusive Boss Bottled Night Fragrance RM50 discount voucher. Activity include FREE fragrance sampling and testing and for music you can party with DJ Goldfish and Blink on the decks.

Date: 25th September 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 10pm onwards
Venue: Zouk Club KL
Attire: Men/Women in Black

For more info click on Boss Bottled Night at Zouk KL

NightClub City Build 541 on Facebook Tutorial

NightClub City Facebook is now updated to new version Build 541 and more new features inlcuding Throw Parties, More Music Selection, more new and premium items .

Now you can throw a party in your nightclub with just clicking on 'THROW A PARTY' on the top screen. Each THEME PARTY has different task to accomplish and receive rewards after the party is over. Plan and book a party starting from $250 till $3000 can take maximum of 24 hours until the party start.

Click here to read more NightClub City Build 541 on Facebook Tutorial

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Up and Down Season in Life

Every persons in this world (not including aliens from outer space) have their up and down time in life, feeling happy or depression, will strike a person for sometimes either it's related to financial, career, family or love. This up and down time can last for few hours, days, months or years and it is a cycle in life. It comes and goes away. It hit you hard or little. That is what i heard when talking about life with one of friend. So what's your up and down? When? How long? Why? You can know it if you recall.

Let me start with my up down moments from last year September 2009.

September 2009 - Down
October 2009 - Down
November 2009 - Almost Up
December 2009 - Up till flying or floating in the sky
January 2010 - Up
February 2010 - Down like living in hell
March 2010 - Down
April 2010 - Up
May 2010 - Up
June 2010 - Up
July 2010 - Up
August 2010 - Down
September 2010 - Down

As you can see, one person sure have a very high peak of happiness in life and feeling down throughout the year. This month i'm feeling down down down! :( And this is apart of life. The next 'UP and happy' time is unpredictable. When it's time, it will come again.

So for those that feeling unhappy and depressed. Don't worry! Things will get better soon. :)

Now, let me give you a BIG SMILE for you to happy for 1 second.

HE HE HE....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dark Tribal Beats is here

Finally i done with dark tribal mixtape! New and old uplifting tracks in my mix CD 'TRIBE KNIGHT'! Well the cover is a bit too...'FUNNY' with Patapon characters but it does look nice ya? Suppose to design something more 'EVIL' looking cover like those tattoo with skull faces, demons, snakes etc. LOL. Nevermind! Just enjoy the mix! :)

'Tribe Knight' Mixed by Ivan C by clubbing9

next i'll do a HARD TECHNO mix CD lol!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Pig of Happiness

An animated film about a pig that makes you a happier person as said in the youtube description. So let share the love and make your friends happier too. :)

Malaysia Clubbing Entertainment

Nightlife in KL