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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Resident Evil Afterlife 3D is awesome

Finally i got to watch Resident Evil : Afterlife 3D in the cinema at Cathay Cineleisure PJ. Seriously Alice (Milla Jovovich) looks so cool than the previous RE trilogy. This movie is packed with more action, more visual effects especially the 3D, it was AWESOME! With a rating i gave , 4.5/5! Guess what? It successfully thrilled and scared me in some parts of the movie!

Beware of spoiler ahead..........!!!

And I think i fall in love with ALICE from the starting of the movie. lol!

The story started showing a japanese girl standing in the rain and suddenly it turns into a zombie and start biting the peoples and the virus spread throughout Japan... and the world.

Alice's clones appeared at the UMBRELLA underground facilities, and lots of shooting in the scene with the soldiers! And Wesker try to escape the place with a plane after the Alice killed all, Wesker blowed up the whole facilities. Inside the plane, the REAL Alice came from behind and talks with Wesker. Alice was about to hit him but failed as Wesker injected her with anti-virus that neutralized her power. OMG.  She lost all her power and now she got to use her fighting and shooting skills. Still cool! ;)

Four months later, Alice pilot a plane heading to the place of so called 'Arcadia' but found out that the island to be 'no one' there. But.. while recording her video, someone is running at the background, which is Claire Redfield, that reached the island with helicopter (from the ending of from Extinction). So from here Alice met up with Claire.

Riding the plane back to LA, California? if not mistaken. They found some civilians at the top of a building and trying to land on top of it. The story continues... i suggest you watch the movie.

New monster that appeared in the bathroom, the Executioner, which i never seen before, looks so familiar with the one in Silent Hill, which is known as Pyramid Head, which dragged their weapon on the floor, anyway, Executioner looks bigger and stronger with it BIG weapon. Silent Hill monsters looks more nasty though! The Executioner actually from the latest console game, Resident Evil 5. This monster really nasty too! With hammer+axe that can split up a person into half! AWWW! and new clever zombies with tongue splitting and can go digging right into the bathroom! haha

Yeah i love the weapons in RE Afterlife especially the samurai sword in the beginning of the movie and also the shotgun that shoot out coins instead of bullets, which Alice kept it as her 'collection' :) that's NICE!

Alice and the others is looking for Arcadia (mentioned in the last movie Extinction) and actually it is a ship that they though of a safe place with humans but it ended up... to be a set up by UMBRELLA corporation, collecting humans for experiments by Albert Wesker the villian in the movie.

Just can't wait for the bluray of this Resident Evil Afterlife in HD ;)

Alice's hair looks neat in this latest RE, compared with the previous Resident Evil, Resident Evil Apocalypse, Resident Evil Extinction, if you noticed it.

This movie also show the reunion of the new character Albert Wesker (boss), Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield from previous RE Extinction.

Ok that's it! ;) Planning to watching for second time in the cinema as it's really worth it for just RM15 for 3D effects, action-packed and storyline. Anyway thumbs up. :)

Here's the Resident Evil Afterlife trailer

Milla Jovovich - Resident Evil: Afterlife Interview

Here the Resident Evil 5 Game Trailer


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