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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eye Floaters is still around

The floaters inside my eyes is still there annoying me whenever i sees anything in bright color, walls, pc screen, etc and i think it will be inside my eye balls floating for my whole life! Reading some article about eye floaters, it's nothing to worry about. Only worries when you see flashes (photopsia) and maybe a symptoms of retina tear or detachment. Retina tear or detachment is a very serious problem. You'll go blind if not seeking for eye specialist or surgery immediately. Eyes is a very important organ and must take care especially for those contact lens users.

Examples of eye floaters
These tiny spots floaters caused by vitreous (something like gel in the eyes) dissolved as we age and it will float to the center of the vitreous. So that why i can see this floaters... sigh.. annoying. But i've already get used to it.

Photophobia? yes! i got this excessive light which is very bright entered the eyes, and felt so uncomfortable! This happens when i got the eye infection last year.

Eye Flashes? Not really, i think i got just 2-3 times, like lightning but after i got treatment and medication, it never happen anymore. :)


It's very hard to drive in the daylight because all you see is this floaters and it distract me! At night? Bright car headlamps from opposite making me can't see properly. Better to have friends driving me out. hahaha!

My eyes tend to get tired very often. So if you see that if i got panda eyes, that's why laa! Tired eyes! and also sleeping late.. :P

And...if you got large amount of eye floaters, flashes of light, and blurred visions, hurry and look for an eye specialist immediately! Don't wait any longer.


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